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Evolved Buck Wild

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Go for a wild ride on this dual end massager with two extraordinary sensations. The chunky end taps and thumps with 10 speed targeted power while the other end draws you in with a hypnotic come hither motion that ramps up to 10 dizzying speeds! Use one motor or both to build your pleasure, then when you want it most, press the turbo button for a burst of maximum power in both motors at once for an intense, body melting big O! Bring this exquisite toy safely into the bath with you as it is completely water submersible. Rechargeable, easy to operate and easy to clean. Features: tapping, thumping come hither dual massager. 10 speed tapping and thumping in chunky base. Powerful 10 speed come hither motion in long shaft. Turbo mode for burst of maximum power. Slightly flexible neck joins two shafts. Easy to use 4 button control panel. Green Light Emitting Diode LED illuminates buttons and white panel when in use. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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