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Types of Medical Fetish Toys
Urethral sounds - stretch and stimulate the urethra from the inside to simulate the experience of a penis exam or a catheter or to prepare to wear penis jewelry. Our wide selection of sizes, styles and lengths will enable you to find the style that fits your experience and size exactly.
Speculums - spread your partner's anus or vagina to get a deep look inside them or to prepare for the insertion of a larger object. Using a speculum can be very visually stimulating for the administrator and physically stimulating for the patient.

Medical Instruments - forceps, scissors and other medical equipment take on erotic uses when brought into your fetish scene. One of our most popular toys, the Wartenburg wheel, can be used even in vanilla scenes to create a truly unique sensation.
Medical Supplies - from adult diapers to latex gloves, going the extra mile to add these supplies to your scene will make your fantasy that much more real. Our supplies are high-grade to ensure that you have the safety, cleanliness and
Enema Bags - Enemas, once use only for heath reasons, are a fast growing erotic fetish among gay and straight people alike. Enema play combines the experience of giving you an extra-clean feeling with the stimulation of insertion and expansion. Disposable and reusable versions are available to suit your desire and needs.

Why is this type of play so popular?
The appeal of a doctor scene is popular mostly because of the variety of options available in this type of fantasy that are not available in other backgrounds. Not only are traditional medical practices such as fondling from a 'physical exam' common practices in this type of play, but submission and dominance come into the scene as do other types of enema, insertion and pain threshold play. Make sure to read our guide for a great description of how a scene such as this can be erotic.

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