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Remote-Controlled Together Toy - Purple


Product Overview

Together™ was designed with its unique “W” shape that is equipped with the ability to provide a real-time-feedback response for couples engaged in play. Utilizing the kegel muscles, pleasure can be applied to one of the generous outer-arms of together™ in order to mirror that sensation in the other outer-arm of the device. The Echo Function will allow one partner to experience the state of arousal of the other partner! This will also allow either partner to respond with their own level of arousal and pressure, particularly as they are approaching climax by stimulating the internal erogenous zone - which no other product has provided before! The Echo Function also allows users to apply pressure to the outer arm with their hands and fingers for increased sensations during solo play.

Made for couples of all shapes and sizes, Together features the patented Echo Function, allowing you to feel your partner's arousal while simultaneously enabling face-to-face connection-making your intimate moments as exciting as you deserve!

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