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Real Leather Flogger - Purple


Product Overview

This Genuine Leather flogger is the most popular classic device, which symbolises the BDSM community itself.

Classic Genuine Leather flogger works great for the warm up stimulation and full punishment session.

Of course you can use it in a role play as well.

It perfectly suitable for both the beginers and the experienced users. This awesome device is a gorgeous accessory for your fetish party look or photo shoot. 

Our handcrafted beautiful flogger is made of a genuine leather by the skillful and experienced master. The high quality of our flogger guarantees you fine control on the stimulation intensity. We are doing our best to provide you with comfort, safety and bright emotions.

Our classic leather flogger has 50 tails (50 cm or 19,7 inch long) and 20 сm or 7,9 inch long comfortable handle.

Each device complete with a natural fabric case.

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