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Powerect Benzocaine Delay Serum 5 ml Foil Pack


Product Overview

Premature Ejaculation (PE) affects 1 in 3 men at some point during their lives. This is likely to negatively impact their mental health and personal wellbeing.

Powerect® Medicated Male Delay gives retailers and e-tailers the opportunity to offer men a quick and easy solution to one of the world’s biggest sexual wellness concerns, where our Powerect®Natural Male Delay solutions may not have worked previously.

Our unique blend of FDA approved male desensitizing agents and natural performance boosters have been specially formulated to delay ejaculation and prolong pleasure.

  • Helps to extend the time between penetration and ejaculation
  • Fast acting and easily absorbed
  • Desensitizes without compromising arousal
  • Specially formulated so you can feel it working straight away to avoid over-application
  • A proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to maintain sexual vigour

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