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Oring - 4 Pack

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Product Overview

Sportsheets Rubber O-Ring 4 Pack. For self pleasure as a cock ring or for comfortable, secure attachments for your Sportsheets harness. Expand the versatility of your favorite Sportsheets strap-on harness with four sizes of rubber O-rings. These moderately stretchy, latex free rings allow you to affix new and exciting dildos from extra small to extra large to your favorite harness. Alternately, you can choose your ideal size and tightness to wrap around you penis or your balls and penis, and use them as a cock ring. With restricted blood flow, your erection will be harder, more sensitive and longer lasting than ever before. Four sizes 1.25 inches, 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches and 2 inches. Sportsheets O-Ring 4 Pack is a registered trademark for Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected. Limited Lifetime Warranty, 5 years. Sportsheets will replace any defective product. If the product is not available, Sportsheets will replace it with a similar product of similar function. New images. Video. 2021.

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