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Fantasy For Her Her Thrusting Silicone Rabbit

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Fantasy For Her Her Thrusting Silicone Rabbit Vibrator from Pipedream Products. She finally found a toy that checked all her boxes vibration, thrusting, gyration, clitoris stimulation, and warming. She could not wait to try Her Thrusting Silicone Rabbit! She wanted to know what it felt like to feel everything on her bucket list all at once. She turned on the heating element to get things started. The warmth would relax her and the smooth silicone would warm evenly. Next, she pressed the vibration button and the two soft rabbit ear clit stimulators fluttered. She pressed again and again to preview all seven vibration patterns. She laughed and pressed the last button to add thrusting gyration to this pleasure symphony. Wow! She could not wait any longer and eagerly slipped Her Thrusting Silicone Rabbit between her legs. The warmth was soothing. The rabbit eared clitoris stimulator fluttered against her clitoris with arousing sensuality. But it was the powerful thrusting, gyrating, and vibration that created the ultimate pleasure combination for her. She knew she would not last long and that a massive orgasm was inevitable. She was love-struck by the intense internal/external sensations and knew she would crave more time with Her Thrusting Silicone Rabbit. Her orgasm shook her! As she blissfully enjoyed her afterglow, she was already planning to use it in her tub later. This harmonious combination of stimulating elements made for an exciting intimate experience that she could not wait to try again! It is all about Her. Operating instructions: thrusting, vibration, and temperature can all be used simultaneously or independently. Thrusting/Gyration On/Off:Press and hold the top button for 3 seconds to initiate thrusting and gyration. Press again to cycle through 2 speeds of thrusting. Press and hold to turn off. Vibration On/Off:press and hold the middle button for 3 seconds to turn on or off. Temperature On/Off:press and hold the bottom button to turn on warming function. Press and hold to turn off. Charging instructions: Your Fantasy For Her Thrusting Silicone Rabbit is conveniently USB rechargeable and comes with a magnetic charging cord. .

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