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Coral Gables

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 Coral Gables is a city near Miami, in Florida. It's home to the 1920s Venetian Pool, carved from a rock quarry, with its grottoes, towers and bridge. Coral Gables Merrick House is the restored childhood home of city founder George Merrick. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden includes tree-lined lakes, a tropical rainforest and a butterfly display. The collections at Lowe Art Museum include Cuban and Caribbean works. ― Google

Population50,226 (2019)

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What is Coral Gables known for?
Dubbed "The City Beautiful," Coral Gables is known for its tree-lined boulevards, ivy-covered mansions and historical landmarks such as the world-famous Biltmore Hotel and the Venetian Pool, both built in the 1920s. ... In addition, the University of Miami is based in Coral Gables.
Is Coral Gables expensive to live?
metro area, which is ranked 35 out of 273 cities across the US in terms of cost of living. According to C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research), the cost of living in Coral Gables is estimated to be 115.5% of the national average making it one of the more expensive cities in the US.
What kind of people live in Coral Gables?
The 5 largest ethnic groups in Coral Gables, FL are White (Hispanic) (58.3%), White (Non-Hispanic) (33.5%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (2.71%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2.32%), and Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (1.09%).
Is Coral Gables beautiful?
From historic Mediterranean Revival architecture to a thriving cultural scene, Coral Gables is truly the City Beautiful. Coral Gables was planned in the 1920s by visionary developer George Merrick.
Is Coral Gables a rich area?
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Gables Estates

The Gables Estates neighborhood is a highly affluent and coveted waterfront enclave situated in southern Coral Gables. Just under two hundred lavish mansions line the meandering waterways connecting to Biscayne Bay, providing direct access to the open waters and stunning bay views.
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