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MyJoy Perfect Wand for G-Spot & Prostate Stimulation - Small


Product Overview

Sleek and heavy, the Perfect Wand from Myjoy is great for G- and P-spot stimulation, as well as providing resistance during Kegel exercises.  The Perfect Wand weighs over 1.5 pounds, making it one of the heaviest toy products we carry. The quality stainless steel bar features two end knobs of different sizes along with an elegant curve for ease of use. 

The Myjoy Perfect Wand will be the most beautiful sex toy you'll own. It is gorgeous. The stainless steel wand is extremely reflective and its shape is very distinctive and graphic.  The Myjoy Perfect Wand was designed to impress

Because the Perfect Wand doesn’t go all the way inside, it is very easy to control it with one hand.

Being steel, the Myjoy Perfect Wand  reacts to hot and cold more intensely than other materials do.  The Myjoy Perfect Wand is totally genderless, anyone can use this toy. Whether you have a G-spot, or a  P-spot.

The Myjoy Perfect Wand is suitable for both beginners and advanced users of prostate toys. The smallest end of the toy can be handled by most people, especially because the steel slides inside so easily. The larger end of the toy can be used by any advanced user or those with some p-spot experience already.

If you’re trying to squirt, then the Myjoy Perfect Wand is a toy that’s most likely to get you there. G-spot orgasms are possible with or without ejaculation. But to squirt, you may want to remove the Perfect Wand right when you feel an orgasm coming on.

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