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Lux Fetish Love Cuffs

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Product Overview

Fans of kinky bondage play searching for vegan-friendly accessories — look no further than these Lux Fetish Unisex Faux Leather BDSM Cuffs, the Love Cuffs. Providing the secure grip of traditional leather cuffs, these faux leather material cuffs are extremely durable as well as comfortable. Available in a classic black color, the Lux Fetish Love Cuffs feature a sturdy metal chain connecting them securely while looking stylishly sexy. These unisex cuffs are designed to fit users of all sizes, and they can be used to restrain wrists or ankles alike. Explore the excitement of sensation play with the included blindfold, which can be used to enhance all of your other senses. Made out of a satin-smooth material, the blindfold will comfortable deprive you of your sense of sight, thus highlighting the touch of a partner.

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