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Enhancing Cream Secret Garden

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Shunga Erotic Art Secret Garden Female Orgasm Enhancing Cream. Products for intimate moments. Multiply her pleasure by applying a dab of this orgasm enhancing cream directly to the clitoral area. Made with stimulating ingredients, it makes the flesh tingle and increases blood flow and sensation to the area, resulting in increased pleasure. Easy to use. Apply on the clitoral region by taking time to massage the tissue under the clitoris. You will discover new sensations that may take you to the limits of female orgasm. Certain women feel the effect immediately, others may take up to 3 applications. 3 consecutive days. Use it for your own pleasure or to reach new heights with your partner. Type: Clitoral Enhancing Gel. Volume: 1 ounce. Ingredients: Water, Glycerine, Carbomer, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Benzoate, TEA, L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, Capsicum or Methyl Silicylate, Menthol. Secret Garden Female Orgasm Enhancing Cream from Shunga Erotic Art. Please note there is new package for the Shunga Secret Garden. Little changes to package standing up, no changes to ingredients.

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