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Cherry Nuud Bites


Product Overview

Indulge in the enticing allure of cherry with NUUD's women-specific Aphrodisiac Gummies. Our unique HHC formula brings together nature's aphrodisiacs in an alluring cherry-flavored gummy, designed to ignite passion and elevate your intimate moments. Each bite is a step into a more thrilling romantic journey.


  • 30mg HHC per gummy (1 Gummy = 1 Serving)
  • Women-focused, all-natural HHC aphrodisiac formula
  • Delectable cherry flavor profile
  • Convenient, enjoyable gummy form
  • Proudly made in the USA, THC-free
  • Each packet contains 3 gummies

Our Aphrodisiac Gummies deliver a delightful cherry essence that tickles your senses while the specially crafted HHC formula works to harmonize with your body, inspiring feelings of desire and heightened pleasure.

Created in the USA and completely THC-free, each packet contains three gummies - a handy dose of enhanced romance without any worries.

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