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2 N 1 Edrinna Thruster & Sucking Blue

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Product Overview

Here’s the thing about multi-purpose sex toys and most gadgets and gizmos that claim to be able to do it all: sometimes, the point gets lost in all the (usually hypothetical) bells and whistles.

Here’s what you’ll get with your Edrinna Suction. First, a slick, curvy white base that powers all that is to come. Silicone buttons man an incredible range of functions that complement four included attachments; a sexy silicone dildo, a small acrylic cup that’ll be a perfect fit over nipples and clitoris, a larger cup for fuller coverage contact over breasts and beyond, and a classic graduated penis pumping cylinder.

As to what you’ll be able to do with the Edrinna Suction, let’s count ’em down! When you’re in the mood for some deep thrusting penetration, slide the pink dildo onto the base and hit the middle button. Seven modes of namesake up-and-down action are possible as you press, find the one that hits your or your partner’s spot just right and prepare for orgasmic lift-off.

If penis pumping is in the cards, easy. Just slip the largest acrylic cylinder over the base to play with three pre-programmed modes of auto suction or 2 manual modes that you’ll fully control. The cylinder is approximately 8″ (20.4cm) long and 2.4″ (6.25cm) in diameter, fitting most penises.

Those three pre-programmed suction and 2 manual suction modes come into play with the other included cups, as well. Use the wider (3.9″/9.9cm/2.2″/5.7cm cup to direct breathtaking suction and stimulation to breasts, and the smaller (2.5″/6.5cm/1.8″/4.75cm) version target clitorises and nipples. There’s really something for everyone!

Full rechargeable, your Thruster set powers up using the included USB charge cord and any free USB port.

In body-safe acrylic plus premium silicone, all components of the Thruster 4 in 1 Rechargeable Couples Pump Kit clean easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water based lube. Waterproof.

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